About radio+

About radio+

About radio+

radio+ is a German-African radio project which was developed by members of the “Go Africa…Go Germany Alumni Association (GOAL) e.V.”. The project aims to establish sustainable exchange and cooperation between students from Germany and African countries and to establish a network of young international journalists.

During the exchange students participate in advanced media trainings and jointly produce radio programs in intercultural teams. These radio features address current social, political and economic issues and are broadcasted via open channels and community radio stations in both countries. By promoting a realistic picture of the partner country, radio+ contributes to overcoming prevailing misconceptions and discrimination in both regions and sparks interest for different living environments and cultures.

radio+ draws on an already existing media infrastructure and  reaches out to a large audience. The use of podcasts, social media platforms and the GOAL-website facilitates the access to the radio programs and their dissemination.

Target Group

radio+ targets students who are currently enrolled in a university or journalism school in one of the partner cities. Participants should have firsthand experience in the fields of journalism, broadcasting or community/university radio. A group of 5-10 students from each city is selected through university-wide calls for applications.


1. Kick-off

During a one-day kick-off workshop in each city, students familiarize themselves with the project, meet the other participants and receive an introduction to producing intercultural radio shows. Participants are involved in the planning of upcoming project activities and submit online tasks to prepare for the international training.

2. International Training

The group participates in an international training throughout which students form intercultural working teams and take part in advanced broadcasting workshops to broaden their editorial and technical skills. The training further aims to establish contacts between radio+ participants and media experts.

3. Practical Phase

Following the training, the group produces radio programs in intercultural teams which are broadcasted in both countries. The teams work together independently and are involved in all aspects of the program production. During the practical phase participants are supported by an experienced broadcaster.

Pilot Phase: Harare – Berlin 2013

In 2013, radio+ started off with a group of 10 students from Universities in Harare and Berlin. After kick-off workshops in both cities and an intensive training week in Berlin in September the group successfully produced four radio programs in English and German which were broadcasted by an open radio station and are available to download in the media centre. Take a look at this video to meet the young broadcasters who participated in radio+ in 2013 and to get an impression of what the project is about:

watch it on youtube

The team of radio+ was awarded the Prize for Civic Engagement (Engagementpreis) for outstanding projects of socio-political significance by the alumni association of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in November 2012. The project further received generous support by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Partnership with Africa Foundation e.V. and Stiftung Mitarbeit.