Cooperation partners

gapf large (1) The Partnership With Africa-Foundation e.V. is the primary cooperation partner of GOAL. Since 2013, it is organizing the Go Africa…Go Germany (GAGG) -Exchange Programs. All participants have the possibility to join GOAL after having completed the GAGG-programs. In cooperation with the Foundation, GOAL is organizing various activities, like the Alumni Conference 2013 or radio+. Also, GOAL members are continuously involved in the GAGG programs as experts or moderators.
bpb Until 2013, the GAGG program was organized by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb). GOAL e.V. keeps up the close ties to the bpb and is always looking for new cooperation possibilities. Also, in our projects the approach by the bpb of civic education has a central place.
fes logo In October 2012, the radio+ project of GOAL e.V. won the commitment prize by the alumni association of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. Since that time, GOAL e.V. has invited one representative of the FES-Ehemalige to a panel discussion and cooperates with the association.
stiftung_mitarbeit_logo The Stiftung Mitarbeit has generously supported the starting phase of radio+, pamoja, and GOAL as a whole with a contribution to printing and other costs.
ansa Since 2013, GOAL e.V. is in exchange with ANSA e.V. an alumni association uniting Germans who have studied in various African countries with the German Foreign Exchange Service (DAAD) and students from various African countries who have studied or are still in Germany. Collobaration in project work or conference participation is possible.
undjetzt In 2012, Joanna Frivet and Dorothy Makaza participated in the undjetzt?!-Conference that unites former participants of the weltwärts-programme. Joanna and Dorothy moderated a workshop on prejudices and stereotypes.