For Mentors

For Mentors

Why should I become a Mentor

As a GOAL member, you could volunteer to become a mentor. Research shows that mentors have much to gain from a mentoring relationship. The opportunity to share their expertise is an important motivator for mentors. Demonstrating the ability to identify and develop new talent can enhance a mentor’s own career. Mentors are often motivated by a perceived need they note in a mentee, or they remember being mentored themselves and want to do the same for someone else. Mentoring younger students provides the opportunity to acquire a fresh perspective on academic issues or personal issues. Many find being a mentor to be a rewarding activity.

Other Benefits of being a mentor include the following:

  • Strengthen the lessons you’ve already learned
  • A unique opportunity to give back to society
  • Help someone see his or her own gifts
  • You may learn something new
  • Finally, to contribute to the liveliness of GOAL

How can you volunteer to be a Mentor

It’s very simple. Send an email to specifying your fields of expertise. For more information, see the Call For Mentors.