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 Get to know the Participants of the radio+ Project

Participants from Harare


Participants from Berlin



 6 Daphne Jena
Daphne Jena studied Media and Society Studies at Midlands State University in Zimbabwe. She has a passion for journalism, especially broadcast journalism. She is assertive, creative and open-minded.
 1 Florian Haenes
Florian Haenes studies Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin. A year ago he studied at Cairo University and University of Abuja. In Abuja he worked for a daily newspaper called Daily Trust where he researched on student protests and the “War against Prostitution” of the government.
 3 Loyce Murengami
Loyce Murengami is a recent graduate from the Midlands State University with an Honors Degree in Media and Society Studies.  She works for a community radio advocacy organization in Harare. The use of alternative media and giving a voice to the ordinary citizen is what she enjoys the most about her job.  Her responsibilities at work include art programming which she especially enjoys as it encourages creativity. Her dream is to be part of a revolution in Zimbabwean radio, where boundless new creative concepts of how to do radio can be used.
Muriel Reichl
Muriel Reichl is 20 years old student, studying Comparative Literature, Social and Cultural Anthropology and Spanish at Freie Universität Berlin. She brings her journalistic experience which she gained while working for two radio stations. In addition to sharpening her journalistic skills she likes to travel, doing sports (climbing and running) and music (singing and playing the oboe).
 4 Golden Maunganidze
Golden Maunganidze is an award winning freelance journalist and a media studies lecturer at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU). He is the founder and director of TellZimbabwe news website that focuses on news from the southern part of Zimbabwe. Maunganidze also holds a Masters degree in Media and Society Studies from Midlands State University.
 7 Nele Dehnenkamp
Nele Dehnenkamp is 23 years old student and studying Social Sciences at Humboldt Universität Berlin. She received and trained her journalistic skills while observing at the WDR, Spiegel-TV Magazin and the foreign studio of the ZDF in Nairobi. She got to know the African continent during her internship in Kenya and while writing her bachelor thesis in South Africa.
 2 Tichaona Mawoni
Tichaona Mawoni worked for Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation and ZiFM Stereo. He believes that with quality team work great achievements can be reached and is strong in that pursuit.  His late father was from Malawi and his mother is Zimbabwean so he was raised to accept and learn about different cultures and beliefs.  His multi-cultural upbringing makes him open to working with people from diverse backgrounds.
 9 Tawanda Mangoma 
Tawanda Mangoma is a final year Mass Communication student at Harare Polytechnic in Zimbabwe. His main aim is to become one of the country’s finest journalists and take broadcasting to another level by setting up radio stations that usher a pluralistic and diverse source of information. Broadening his journalist work, Tawanda writes story articles for the Herald and embarks on voluntary reporting for Nehanda Radio to shape his skills. He loves debating on contemporary issues happening around the globe and is a very adventurous and active person (i.e. football and motor racing).
 8 Christine Graf
Christine Graf is currently studying Social and Cultural Anthropology at FU Berlin, majoring in Media Anthropology. In her Masters’ Thesis she analyzes a West African Radio Show about Relationships, Love and Sexuality. In this context, she gained first insights in the field of Radio Journalism thanks to an internship at Radio Tokpa in Cotonou, Benin.