At the General Assembly, GOAL members thanked the outgoing board and elected a new one. The General Assembly dealt with various issues including the work presentation of the outgoing board, the question of membership fees, and the election of the new board.
The outgoing board focussed on three main working areas during its time in office from July 2011 to April 2013. First, it enhanced the networking aspects of the association. With the professional pool it collected the CVs from all members and circulated the whole documents so that members can easily reach each other and rely on their respective expertise. The most important event organized by the board, however, includes the alumni conference. No internet connection can replace the physical interaction! The second working field was project related. The radio+ and pamoja projects were selected in a member vote and constitute the first two projects with which GOAL members attempt to share and to spread their experiences. The third working area is GOAL’s cooperation partners. Alone, GOAL is not able to fulfill its mission. Therefore, cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb), the Partnership with Africa Foundation, and others was pursued.
GOAL members then discussed the issue of membership fees where a vote took place to create fees of 10 Euros per year.
Finally, the new board was elected with an overwhelming majority. It consists of Kai Striebinger (chairperson), Phanuel Wunu (vice-chairperson), Corinna Braun-Munzinger (treasurer), Sofia Shabafrouz (secretary), Ndeshi Vatilifa, Monica Wabuke, Mandisa Mathobela (all deputies), and Isaac Owusu (associated member).
The work plan for the coming two years includes the organization of an alumni conference preferably in Ghana, the setup of an institutional branch in an African country, the discussion of intercultural cooperation in the association, and the implementation of the projects.