The first generation of Zimbabwean and German participants met with great expectations as the project is the first of its kind. Speech Training, Expose writing, Technical training, interview training and of course intercultural exchange were all lined up for the long week.

Media experts in those areas were assigned to deliver all the necessary training, and they did so to the satisfaction of the participants and the organisers. The training sessions fostered a spirit of interaction amongst the participants as they worked together in groups and/or in pairs.

In the middle of the week participants got to wine and dine with some media experts, an event that created a comfortable environment for the exchange of more and relevant information needed for the project to be a success.

An impromptu one hour live broadcast from Radio Alex was the peak of the whole week. This was a first time experience for some participants.  Each and every participant had the chance to add their own flair to the show through music and contributions to the discussions. Radio Alex is also the official broadcaster of the first episode of the programmes in Germany.

The week was concluded by technical training, and an editorial meeting, which saw participants assisting each other in shaping their topics for the radio programmes to be broadcast in October, November and December.

The agreed product was a programme titled ‘The Bridge’ , the name is based on the notion that the project is aimed at demystifying any cultural myths both countries have about each other.

All participants are grateful to the organisers and the trainers for such a fulfilling opportunity to take part in this noble project.

By Daphne Jena