From April 26 to April 29, the Alumni Conference “Sustainability in Commitment” has taken place in Berlin. Over 40 participants attended the conference and discussed about intercultural matters as well as project management.
At the conference, participants not only entered into fruitful exchanges with participants from other generations and programs but also learned valuable skills in order to start managing their own projects in an atmosphere that is characterized by an intercultural setting. The way to deal constructively with this setting, which is also characterized by structural imbalances and possible forms of discrimination, was one of the main topics of the conference. Participants also learned about how to efficiently work in their alumni networks.
In the project management workshops, led by Yasmin Kumi and Andrew Aitken, participants developed and further planned four projects. The most advanced outcome is the radio+ project. But also, the GOAL mentoring project, pamoja, was further developed. Futher ideas discussed included a university exchange program and a research platform for researchers from Germany and African countries.
For more information, the program, the results, and the conference visit the corresponding page here.